Case Study


  • Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Print Design
  • App Design
  • Animation

Chitter was an app developed for iPhone and Android to engage customers with the businesses they visit. By rewarding customers for sharing their products on social media, businesses could feel confident that their customers would be coming back for more. With a catchy name, this brand was filled with eye-catching ad copy and graphics that were targeted to a younger, social-media driven audience.

The Logo

Chitter’s squirrel logo speaks to the chatter that this app produces amoung it’s users and their social media networks. By adopting this type of icon and animal, it opened up to a variety of catchy phrases and taglines that could be used throughout the brand.

The Messaging

Once a squrrel was adopted as the main imagery for the brand, the messaging came organically. Users would gain “Chit” (coupons) by sharing pictures on social media. Chit was symbolized as an acorn. Just as a squirrel hoards acorns, users of Chitter would rapidly look for offers and collect rewards.

Chitter’s personality carried through all of it’s marketing materials, from posters to in app. Users loved the playful messaging, and aesthetics of the brand. With this bold new look in place, it was time to start putting it in action through some in app animations.

The Animations

The animations were one of my favorite parts of this project. Having the squirrel as the ‘mascot’ of the brand opened up a lot of opportunities for movement. When searching for businesses near you, a loading animation would pop up with falling acorns. In other spots in the app, users would see a squirrel running across the screen. This was a great way of keeping users engaged and pushing the brand even further.

Keeping the Brand in Sync

Today, you might be hard pressed to find the app out in the world, but it remains one of the projects I’m most proud of. This was a solid brand that spoke directly to it’s target audience and was able to make an impact.

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