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Out Of The Box Technology

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  • Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Responsive, front-end web development (HTML, CSS + JavaScript)
  • Print Design

As the lead designer at Out Of The Box Technology, we took on an ambitious brand refresh which included a new logo and revamped website. Out Of The Box Technology is an accounting consulting company, primarly focusing on QuickBooks products and other accounting software. They also create their own products and provide other services to their clients. This brand needed to be modernized and able to effectively communicate the variety of work that was provided.

The Logo

Immediately after starting initial research and exploration, it was apparent that the main challenge in this project would be creating a logo that is readable and yet gets across the full name. While it’s a fantastic name, “Out Of The Box Technology” is really long.

Luckily there was another name that we’ve been known as. Instead of typing the full name, most people simplified it as “OOTB”. This seemed like a great opportunity to embrace that abbreviation. This made the logo much more readable. And we kept a full tagline underneath to make sure those unaware of our name would always have something to reference.

The Website

Building the website was an opportunity to expand the brand by elevating the color pallet and creating an easy to navigate design. Because of the variety of services that were offered, it was important to organize the content in a way that made sense. Beyond the main landing page, we created a specialized page for each service offered to give each of them their own look and feel.

From testimonials to blog posts, we integrated everything into as many pages as we could. It was important to guide the user through our main services, but also make them aware that there was so much more available.

Icons and Illustrations

Beyond the typical graphics we put into the site, we created a custom icon imagery to effectively illustrate different service offerings. Subtle organge gradients harken back to the main logo and tie the icons together with the rest of the brand.

Expanding the Brand

The Out Of The Box Technology brand goes so much further than just the website and logo. From conferences and tradeshows through the year to print branding and onboarding packages, the brand is kept in sync throughout.

Other Work