Case Study


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  • Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Responsive, front-end web development (HTML, CSS + JavaScript)
  • Print Design
  • Animation

Recur360 is a product that was built by Out Of The Box Technology to make setting up recurring payments, customers, and invoices easier than it currently is in QuickBooks. The project includes creating a front-facing website that advertises the product, as well as developing an admin-panel like interface for the actual plugin.

The Logo

The main idea here was to get across the idea of “recurring”, infinite, repeating, etc. The first thought was to use arrows in a circular fashion. After exploring this a bit further, we realized this was a little too literal and wanted something a little more abstract. Various competitors used arrows as well, so we needed something that would set us apart. We created unique logo that implies a circular motion instead of using arrows.

This idea of two moving panels sitting on top of each other would allow us a more broader direction we could take the brand in animations and interface design. Keep reading to find out how we accomplished this.

The Website

The website was designed to show off the benefits of using the app and the power it can add to QuickBooks. The design balanced aesthetics of the product and brand, while keeping the page structure and navigation simple.

Throughout the website, we created simple illustrations that showed how to use the product instead of full screenshots. This helped get the benefits across quicker and make for a cleaner design. We also utilized animation by animating transactions at the top of the page to gain user interest.

Admin Panel

The product itself involved creating a complex interface simplified enough that users wouldn’t feel overwhelmed. We also needed to create as much screen room as possible to show as much information as we could in the tables.


We evolved the brand by bringing in the panel elements of the logo into animations throughout the admin panel UI and the front facing website. By rotating these panels we were able to achieve the movement we were looking for, and bring the idea of recurring revenue to life.

Expanding the Brand

The Recur360 brand goes so much further than just the website and logo. It’s advertised at conferences and tradeshows throughout the year. One of the best promotions we’ve done so far is creating paper “dollars” branded with Recur360 that customers could bring back to our booth to get a real dollar. This created engagement with our customers and encouraged them to come see our awesome booth.

Other Work